trigger condition question

Hello all;

Still racking my brain with this IV pump I'm working on.

Here is a trigger I am trying to use to change a variable only in certain conditions.  (cant get insert image to work for some reason)

adjust variable on condition

medname (not equal) dop

any thoughts why this would not work?  It adjusts the variable regardless of medname equalling dop or not.



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Thanks guys.

Phil no it is not a slider.  I am using a variation of the calculator to input values for an IV pump.  I want the inputs to occur depending on what drug is chosen.  So if the drug is dop, input 3 would be calculated rather than put in by the user.

Brian I have never tried quotes around text conditions before so can give that a try but it has not been an issue the past to my recollection.

The main intent was to try and put any drug inputs onto one slide and that may not work.  I have moved to 1 slide per med now and I think I have it beat.