Trigger shape from Timeline showing up in 2nd layer after selected

Hello, I am new to writing in Storyline 1. I created a slide with the timeline and a 2nd layer. I hid all the objects from the timeline so the 2nd layer should be a fresh, blank screen. However, when I preview my slide, after I click the trigger shape to bring up the 2nd layer, the trigger shape shows up in its visited state. Am I doing something wrong or is that a bug?

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Susan Teague

Thank you for your replies! I will try those.

Emily, that would work if I wanted to hide everything on the base layer. However, I have a self-created menu on the left and titles on the top & bottom I want to show from the base layer. So I individually selected each object I wanted to hide from the base layer in the timeline.  It hides them, but only until I select them and the triggered layer pops up, with the trigger I selected showing its visited state.




Emily Ruby

Hello Susan,

You could set those items to change to state of "hidden" when the item is clicked on, and then if you need them back when the layer closes, you could trigger them to change to either the normal or visited state.

The visited state is built in, so when you select the item, it will automatically change to that state, unless you have another trigger.

You could share your story file here if you would like us to look at the set up.

Susan Teague

Hi Emily,

Oh, so you're saying I don't even have to say "change the state of the trigger item to Visited". That automatically happens as long as I have the Visited state defined on my trigger.

Now I see what I did: I had my Trigger saying, "Display the layer, then change the state of the trigger to visited". That caused the layer to appear, with the trigger showing on the layer in its visited state. When I take out "Change the state of the trigger to visited", then it just displays the layer, and when I close the layer, the state of the trigger has changed to Visited on the base slide.

Thank you for helping me clear that up! I thought I had run across a bug.



Emily Ruby

Hello Susan!

Glad you got this to work properly.

And with the built in states that are using a motion, (Hover, selected, visited, drag over etc.) they will trigger automatically. The only time you need to add a trigger for a state change, is when you have custom ones, or using the "hidden" and "disabled" states.