Trigger that Jumps to URL Opens in New Browser instead of New Browser Window

Hi all!  I have added a trigger to a button.  When the learner clicks the button it jumps to the URL specified.  When I am using Google Chrome, and click the button, it opens in a completely new browser session instead of new browser window.  When I am using Safari, and click the button, it opens in a new browser window right next to my current browser window.  The functioning in Safari is how I would like it to function in Google Chrome.  Any thoughts on how to accomplish this??  I've tried changing browser settings for the trigger and that hasn't worked.



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Lindsay

I just downloaded Google Chrome and tested a opens in a new browser tab not in a new session...I'll see what options are selected in Chrome if you like - if I can find them - not particularly user friendly...

Update:  looks like its something in the Extensions options.  I don't have that option and it works how it should for me...maybe the machine you are testing on has that extension installed - see the link below.  Hope this helps

Lindsay McCorkle

Hi Wendy!  Thanks for the recommendation.  The only extension I had was google docs.  Not sure why google chrome browser is acting this way on my end.  Probably a setting for sure.  I deleted google docs extension and tried again.  No different.  Hmmmmm.  It is really strange, because when I open up the PDF on the "Resources" tab it opens correctly.  Not sure.  Crazy computers.  Thanks for your help though!  

Lindsay McCorkle

Hi Wendy,

I checked this on a windows computer using both Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers.  The same thing happened, the URL opened in a completely new browser session. I am wondering, when you tested it, where did you save the published file at?  What drive?  Do you think that would impact the performance?

Trying to figure this out.