Trigger that takes you back to the slide you jumped from

Mar 13, 2013


Is there a trigger that takes you back to the slide you jumped from, not necessarily the previous slide.  What I am trying to do is, I am creating a progressive main menu for my course which only allows users to advance to the slides that they have already covered.  For the menu to work, I am using True/False variables. There are 10 chapters on the menu and I initially set about creating 10 different main menus as layers for each slide.  Since that seems a lot of work considering the course consists of quite a number of slides, I then thought about creating those 10 menus as slides (just one set) and have users jump to those slides based on how far along they are in the course.  Here is my dillemma.  Once users jump to a menu and then exit, I need them to get right back to the slide they jumped from.  I cannot seem to find a trigger like that.  Am I doomed to create those menus as layers instead?  Please help!

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