Trigger to Advance to Multiple Results Slides

Apr 29, 2016

I have created a quiz where each question pertains to a different category.  Each category is a quiz result slide where it totals the selected questions.  I have put in multiple triggers so that the user is taken to the appropriate results slide based on which point total is the least.  Unfortunately, it only advances to the first results slide regardless of the point total.  I have attached the file to help explain what I am trying to do.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tammy,

Thanks for sharing your file here - the trigger you've set up include reference to the variables Results.ScorePoints for each of your results slides - but those variables aren't set until the user has landed on the results slide with the trigger "submit results" when the timeline starts. 

Perhaps instead of directing to an individual results slide for each one you could look at showing this particular information on the slide layer of one results slide? The reason I suggest that is it would be less slides - and since you can only track one results slide or completion method from Storyline within an LMS you wouldn't have to choose which one to track. You could use the same type of triggers you've got set up on slide 1.16 - just changing them to be on the results slide and show the layer X if the score is between 1-2 and Y if between 3-5 and so on. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tammy,

Sure thing - can you share a bit more about what you mean by consistency on answers? I see that you still have multiple results slides tracking the questions - and my suggestion was to only use one results slide based on how the user scored - meaning if they answered correct to 3 out of 8 questions they'd score X and that would be equal to the shark slide - but I see on your question set ups, you don't have a correct/incorrect or a score associated with them.

It looks like you're trying to do something a bit more custom, perhaps in the style of a magazine assessment. You may want to look at this older thread, that a number of users have mentioned using to set up something similar. 

Tammy Wise

Thank you for your response!  The issue is that each of the results slides only records answers for specific questions.  So when I test it, sometimes I am taken to the correct layer but sometimes I am only taken to the base slide.

As a last resort, I will change it up to do as you suggest with only one result slide but it seems like it should work the way I have it set up.  

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