Trigger to change Slide Advance property

I have set Slide Advances to Automatically as default for each slide in Storyline 2.  I want to create a trigger / button which upon clicking will change it to By User (manually) from Automatically.I want the user to provide an option to alter the slide advance according to their needs.When it's set to manual, the slide will advance when user clicks Next.

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Abhishek Roy

i have gone through your file.

i was wondering if i could switch the slide advance on-the-fly by clicking either button.for example, if a user clicks the manual button (before the timeline ends) which will stop the auto advance.but then he clicks the auto button (after the timeline has finished) so that the slide moves forward to next one automatically.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Abhishek Roy -- As you may already be aware, JS coding is not something for which we are able to provide support so we'd need to defer to your fellow community members to assist you further. You may want to take a look at the following, as well:

Hope that helps! :)