Trigger to jump to next slide too fast

Hi everyone

I use 3 markers on a slide, and I defined the following trigger : jump to next slide when the stat of the 3 markers is visited.

Problem : as soon as the learner clicks on the 3rd one, he jumps on the next slide without any time to read the text of the 3rd marker. Is there a way to delay the jump on the next slide ? I can't use a traditional "next button".

Thanks in advance

PS : I'm french, sorry for my poor english

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Michael Hinze

Bénédicte, one option could be to show another layer once all three Markers have been visited. Then extend the timeline of this 'pause layer' to whatever time you want. At the end of this layer's timeline jump to the next slide. Have a look at the attached sample and see if that works for you.