Trigger to Pause Media until user clicks

I have a simulation (screen recording inserted as Try) that includes scrolling, which Articulate doesn't seem able to simulate.  So those slides just play the media without requiring the user to do anything.

I want to make the media pause until the user clicks the hotspot and have added a trigger to make that happen, but it is playing automatically anyway.  Does anyone know why this wouldn't work?

Pause media

Play media

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sherrie, 

Click-and-drag events—such as dragging a scroll bar—aren't interactive in step-by-step screen recordings. Although I don't know if they're considered a "media" element in terms of the play/pause set up. You could look at recording those individual segments as videos on a single slide to see if that allows you to have the behavior you're looking for. 

Emily Ruby

Hi Sherrie!

It does look like you have the proper triggers. However, When you insert in Try Mode, the scrolling slides will not need user interaction, but there should be a way to achieve this. The Media, which is the scrolling, would likely appear a few seconds into the slide on the timeline. (typically after a caption, and a mouse movement) You would need to move this Media to the beginning of the timeline in order for the Pause media trigger to work.

But please note that these slides will be set to advance by user by default, so you may need to make some adjustments in the Slide properties to advance by User and either add a next button, or set a trigger to jump to the next slide after the media completes.

Hope this helps, and please feel free to share you file if you need more assistance.