trigger to stop an audio media

Jul 12, 2020

Hi everybody,

I have differents layers and they start when the student clic on one of the 4 objects on the basic layer. These objects have differents status, like normal/clic/visited. 

I have 3 audio media on the basic layer, they play automatically one after another . The student is supposed to listen the 3 media before clic.

But the student is able to clic on one object to jump to the next layer (link whith the object of course) even if the audio media still playing. And we don't want to change that, some are faster to understand.

I would like to stop the 3 audio media of the basic layer when one of the 4 objects is visited. Because I don't want to ear the media of the basic layer when the media of the second layher is begining.

I was able to create the trigger for the first media : stop the media 1, when the status of at least one of the object 1+object2+object3+object4 is visited

And it works for this first media.

But it doesnt work for the second and the third media (of the basic layer). And I don't know why... Because it is the same logic.

Is it because they are not played at the begining of the layer?



*Sorry my english is bad, so tell me if it's not clear... and I don't know how to put an example here.


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