Trigger - to url does not work

I am entering a trigger to jump to a URL when a button is clicked . I`ve chosen open i same window.

When I try out the published file - the button does not lead me to the new adress (the URL) but it remains on the same "slide" as though nothing was clicked.  I`ve tried it both in I.E 8 and in Chrome.

I`ve tried to make links to both  local URL`s on companies intranett and to global news site.

My intention is to be able to start other courses by linking them to buttons in this course. I`ve encloses a zipped file with the actual course - the button with the trigger is the "Introduksjon" on the last slide.

Please help.

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Helge Marheim

Thanks Michael and Leslie, So quick and so presise respons, but then....

Youre right abour but the local harddrive when it comes to the file I sent you but the links and the server used earlier where open sharepoint sites - and that should work ? - should`n it ?

I Publish to a local drive - and then I upload to the Sharepoint Site - and ofcourse I use the link to the Sharepoint adress for the link behind the trigger.

Any idea ?

Helge (PS I am a 10 hours old user and I hope to be a fan...)

Helge Marheim

To investigate myself I published to Articulate Online :

And it works - but I still need  support - How do I make it work on a Sharepoint-site (library) where I use the URL to the "Story.html" for the course I want to link to ?