Trigger "Try Again" layer when user enters a wrong key combination

May 06, 2016

I have created a simulation containing the key combination "CTRL+Enter". I need to know how to define a trigger to give me the "Try Again" layer if I click or press anything other than the CTRL+Enter sequence. Thank you.

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John Blum

We have similar situations in our try mode simulations, such as pressing the  delete key.  How can we get the Try Again layer to appear a user presses the wrong key?  This is not a quiz question, which is what Storyline considers it by default.

Triggers only provide a means of having an action when the user presses the correct key, but not if a user presses the wrong key.  "User presses incorrect key" would be a helpful trigger "When" new feature.

Any suggestions?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

Even if you don't need to set it up as a quiz for the purposes of scoring you could still use the same set up/behavior and allow the try again layer to show if they chose the wrong answer. You could look at removing the scoring element or just don't set that particular slide as one that would be included in a results slide.

As far as your other idea in terms of a new trigger that definitely sounds like a good idea for a feature request. 

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