Trigger use in Storyline:(1) Jump to URL pauses pres (2) Exit auto

I need to publish a storyline "LMS" including HTML5 output . Using triggers or other means, am I still able to find a way to:

(1) Have the storyline pause when the user opens a trigger "Jump to URL/File" ?


(2) Have the storyline exit when the the "timeline ends" or "the user hits NEXT" ?

Please help - I'm completely stumped.

Thank you much,


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Lisa Etter

Regarding (1) creating an automatic pause, I 've just read the post by Mereym M (thanks!) . I've now created an additional blank layer to play when the storyline ends to the user can jump to the URL as long as he/she wants.

Now for (2) having storyline exit. I think with internal security settings with the browser, this may be a bit more difficult.

Nancy Woinoski

There is an exit course trigger in Storyline - You could add the trigger to the next button or add it to the slide so that it triggers when the timeline ends.

I created a simple example which has a slide trigger set to exit course when the timeline ends. The timeline is about 10 seconds.

I uploaded it to my Articulate Online site and it works.


You might have to test it out with your own LMS because I know some of them do not play nicely with the exit trigger.

Lisa Etter

Thank you, Nancy, for your suggestion and example.

I've tested this and still I think it is due to security and/or the use of Internet Explorer within our company that won't allow the Exit trigger to work. I've instead hid the "NEXT" button and included in the voice over that the it was the end and to close the browser.