Trigger / variable to confirm successful score communication to LMS?

Hi there!

I've spent all morning wracking my brains, browsing various posts, etc, for a solution to my issue.  Maybe the collective brain power of this community can help?

A bit of background.. I run an LMS populated with Storyline 2 modules.  These modules are consumed by retailers who sell our products - its entirely voluntary to do the eLearning, and so I need to make sure that the experience is as smooth as possible for those taking the time to do it.  These users could be on anything from iPads to PCs, to Macs, etc (ie, its not a controlled environment).

Quite often, we get feedback that a user passed the module's assessment, but that upon returning to the LMS screen, the module status does not update.  I can only do limited troubleshooting on the users device, so I have to make assumptions.  The main assumption is that they are closing the module before the score / status has been communicated properly to the LMS (I appreciate that there are a myriad of questions I need to ask the LMS provider).

So... is there any way to have the State of an object (ie, an Exit Course button) not appear until the results have been successfully communicated?

I thought about creating a variable that was adjusted when the LMS has been updated correctly, and linking the button's State change trigger to it.

Is there any other way?  Javascript (which I might add is completely outside my comfort zone / skillset)?


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Matthew Bibby

What LMS are you using Jamie? Have you spoken to your LMS provider about this issue?

Also, are you publishing modules for Articulate Mobile Player? Because if some of the retailers are downloading the AMP app to view the modules and you aren't publishing to Tin Can then that could be causing the issue with the results not being reported back to the LMS.

Also, is it possible that they have flaky internet connections? That could also be the culprit. You could try building this into your modules to warn if the connection drops out. 

Jamie Shaw

Hi Matthew - thanks for posting!

We're using a bespoke SCORM 2004 LMS built in .NET.  I've worked very closely with the developers to iron out the bugs as we go.  Initially, we had a heap of problems get SL modules (HTML5, not via AMP) to work on iPads, but since getting that fixed up, it has worked almost flawlessly.  It's just that sometimes, we get the intermittent user who has this complaint.  

You're absolutely right about their internet connections being flaky - particularly if they are in regional areas of our catchment (Australia and New Zealand).  They may also have to stop doing a module half way through to serve a customer, so their could be a timeout on their LMS log in.

Thanks heaps for your suggestion re the internet connection script.  I think I'm going to have to get out of my comfort zone and start learning Javascript!  

Matthew Bibby

Have you considered adjusting the timeout value of the LMS log in? It sounds like that may help, given the environment.

The example I linked to above will only warn if their internet connection drops out completely - not if their connection to the LMS is interrupted. You'll find that Steve's example  is pretty easy to follow even if you don't know JavaScript - but let me know if you run into any issues.

Also, given that this is a bespoke LMS, you may be able to work with your developer to have a completion message passed from the LMS back to Storyline once the results have been communicated. There are details in the JavaScript Best Practices article that show how to set values in Storyline using JavaScript. 

Are you based in Australia? I'm in Ballarat, Vic.