Trigger / Variables help!

Hello everyone, I am a new user and have started using Storyline 360 to create a course. Sorry if this question is answered elsewhere but I have tried searching and can't put my finger on what I need...

I have created a page that has three info marker icons inserted. When a user clicks an icon further information appears in a box.

In addition I have also added a trigger to show another layer to each of the markers so that when the user clicks it, a speech bubble appears  from the mouth of a character on another part of the page. This means the info box from the marker and the speech bubble from the trigger both appear when the user clicks the marker for the first time. 

I have attached some screenshots to  show you what I am describing.

I have added a second trigger to each marker to hide the speech bubble layers using the variable that the marker has been visited so that if the user clicks the marker again the speech bubbles disappears along with the information box from the marker.

This all works great. My problem is, if the learner decides they want to re-read the speech bubble they can no-longer see it as the variable is set to hide the layer once the marker has been visited.

Any advice on how this slide will work so that basically each time one of the markers is clicked the info box from the marker AND the speech bubble layer will appear / disappear simultaneously would be great! 


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Catherine Williamson

Ok I figured it out! I added an exit icon on the speech bubbles and used the hide 'this layer' option when the user clicks the icon on each of the layers where the speech bubbles exist.

I had been looking for this option on the base layer and didn't think to check if the trigger options were different on other layers.