Trigger when pressing a key issue

Feb 21, 2014


I need learners to press a specific key to move from one particular screen to the next, like they would on the live system.

This is only 3 slides, so do not want to add video, just basic screenshots.

I have found the trigger "Jump to slide - next slide - when user presses a key"

My issue is  that the pause break key is not recognised.

Does anyone know any alternatives to this trigger or a way to make this trigger recognise pause break.

Many thanks


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Chris,

I was just about to start up a new project and test this out on my end when I noticed I do not have the "Pause" or "Pause|Break" key available on my laptop's keyboard. Realizing this, I wondered if maybe it would be possible for you to try a different key for your learners. Unless all of the learners accessing your course will have access to keyboards with the same functionality, assigning that specific key may be an issue for them as well. I'm curious, because of this discovery, to know if maybe there's a key combination for the software you're wanting to simulate that may function as an alternative (maybe a CTRL+key combination, etc.). 

I was able to find a keyboard that has this key and test this out, finally :) Looks like you're absolutely correct. The key isn't recognized by the trigger wizard in Storyline. It may be that the functionality of the key by default would interfere with a published course, but I'm not entirely sure. 

Another option, though I'm not sure if it would work for you, would be to simulate a keyboard. For example, you could insert an image of a keyboard and have the "Pause|Break" key animate when the learners need to use it. They could then click the key instead. Again, just a quick thought.

Or, an even easier option would be to simply note that the software requires that specific key, but learners will need to use a different key during the simulation/course. 

Let me know if you have any luck with this, or if you're able to find another option that works for you.


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