Trigger wizard object parameter question

Hi Everyone,

When using the trigger wizard, how do you determine what to set the Object parameter to?  For example, when creating a trigger to change the state of a textbox (or any object) to Hidden, which is the correct value for to set the Object parameter to:

Selecting either the name of the slide or Text Box 1 as the object both work as needed when previewed.  So which is the correct object and why?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi John - great question! In this case, I would choose the slide over the text box because the timeline of the slide always starts at 0 seconds. The reason they both work in this case is the timeline of the slide and the timeline of the text box both begin at the exact same time (0 seconds).

However, let's say you have a text box on your slide that appears after 2 seconds. Then it would make a difference on which object you chose because the timeline of the slide starts before the timeline of the object. Does that make sense? 

Alyssa Gomez

Sure! The 'On Object' parameter is the object that the trigger affects. For example, in the trigger 'Change state of button 1 to disabled when the timeline starts on Slide 1.1', button 1 is the object that is affected by the trigger.

The 'Object' parameter is the object that does the triggering, so to speak. In the example I gave above, Slide 1.1 is the thing that sets the trigger in motion.