Trigger Wizard overrides capitals

Mar 30, 2014

When adding a URL to an object using the trigger wizard, on save the url is converted to all lowercase. This therefore makes the URL an error in some cases. Is the only answer for now a redirect page? Is an update planned that this problem is addressed?

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Greg Smith

Unfortunately the magic doesn't work if the upper case letter is in the file name and not the path. The trigger wizard should be fixed to preserve the case of each letter in the URL.

Ashley, here are some examples of case sensitive URLs:

This one works:

This one doesn't: and you can't just add a slash to the end.

Greg Smith

Hi, I know it’s an older post, but it still seems to be a problem. I put the two links in there as examples of URLs that are case sensitive. Yes, the URL with the upper case “D” in the pdf file name DOES work. The other one does not. The problem is that when I put the correct URL in the trigger wizard, it forces it to be lower case “d” so the link doesn’t work.



Mike B.

Leslie, the second URL is not a valid link, so it should not work, and I think that is the problem he is pointing out, that SL is converting capital letters to lowercase. URLs of files hosted on some systems are case sensitive, so if the uploaded filename on the server was "Drawings.pdf" then you could not access it by placing "drawings.pdf" in the address bar.

I'm wondering if this is only a problem in Storyline 1, since the original thread is old, and I am using mixed case URLs in SL2 without any problem.

Greg Smith

I’m using SL 2. I can see it change in the wizard. I put in the address with the upper case D, and I can preview the link just fine. I click OK, to close the wizard and when I reopen it – bzinga— it has changed to lower case. Nothing I do seems to preserve the upper case. Thanks for noodling on this guys!

Mike B.

Greg, I can't duplicate that from a new trigger, but one thing I HAVE noticed is that if I open the existing trigger and try to change the case of the URL without changing anything else, the case change will NOT update.

Can you try to add another character in the URL temporarily, while changing the case at the same time, and then go back in and remove the extra character? This is the only way I was able to update the case in a URL in an existing trigger. Definitely a little bug.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Greg -- So glad Mike provided the help you needed! I also wanted to stop in to note in case you weren't aware, when you reply via email to a forum notification, the details in your signature or confidentiality notice are visible publicly here in the post. If you would like to remove that info, please use the EDIT button beneath the affected posts. :)

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