Trigger works on one slide but not the next.

I have a drag and drop slide that I need to measure whether the user has visited the content on each layer that is displayed after dragging/dropping (for the LMS).  

Here is what I've done"

1. Created a T/F variable for each drag item: Layer1Visited, Layer2Visited, etc. - one for each draggable item.  Initial value = false.

2. Trigger on each layer to change the variable to true when the timeline starts on that layer.

3. Created a custom state with a check mark called "Completed"  

4. Created a trigger that says:

Change the state of [button name] to Completed when the [one of the variables] changes if Layer1Visited = true, Layer2Visited = true, etc.

This works exactly as I want it to one one slide - the check mark appears, just when the last item is dragged.  I did the same thing on another slide, only changing the variable names.  It does NOT work on this slide - the check mark appears, but not while I am on the slide - it only appears if I revisit the slide.  

I have also tried this trigger and it does not change the state at all:

Change the state of [button name] to Completed when the timeline begins if the state of Layer1Visited = true, Layer2Visited = true, etc.

I have checked everything about 10 times (there are no errors), I've deleted and reprogrammed the triggers and tried publishing to see if it might work then, but no luck.  I can't post the file, but I would appreciate any ideas as to how to fix this, or how to program it differently so it will work!



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Jill McNair

Hi David,

I have "sanitized my course file as best I could by removing the content and changing the colors to the most horrific colors.  Forgive me for the assault on your eyes  

I've made a screenr to show you what is happening:

Course file is attached.

Jill McNair

Hi Alexandros,

Thanks for your idea.  I do need those variables to stay true to get the correct reporting to the LMS - but I am totally open to finding another way to program this because there are 2 other courses that I am also having the same issue with.  The fourth one, one oddly enough is working perfectly. I'm hoping for a brilliant idea that will help me fix all the courses.

Alexandros Anoyatis

Hey Jill, David is already on top of this, but I also gave it a shot nevertheless.

With a couple of tweaks, this works quite ok.

The culprit is your 2nd Slide Trigger (change state of "indicator-new copy" when variable StudyDesign5 changes).

On that note, even Slide 1.2 will not show the checkmark if you don't drag the 5th button last.

To alleviate both of these side effects, here's what I did :

1) Create a 2nd state "TopDropped" to all the gray background buttons (identical to Normal).
2) Create (5) triggers to change state to "TopDropped" when State of Button X (the orange button) is CheckMark.
3) Modify the "culprit" trigger as follows : Change State of "Indicator new copy" to Completed when State of All Of Grey Buttons is TopDropped.

In the attached story, I only modified slide 1.3, but I'm pretty sure 1.2 will work this way too.

I hope it helps,

Jill McNair

Hi Alexandros,

Between what you and David sent me, I was able to fix this - and the fix works on my other courses too - hurray!  The solution I came up with is a hybrid of all the feedback.  Your # 3) above was what really fixed it.  I was also able to get rid of a BUNCH of variables (always like to simplify when I can).

I need some variables so I can tell the LMS that the layers have been visited, but I just created one for each drag and drop page that changed to true when the states were all changed.  Worked like a charm!

I am soooo grateful that you and David took the time to help me with this.  I hope I can return the favor some day


Jon Xie

Interested in this post and found Alexandro's solution helpful. After some attempts, I have got another approach to solving the problem, that is, on Slide 1.3, I create "drag over" state for the "drop target 1", and set up its trigger" when the Safety-Lab Tests-5 is dropped on the drop target 1", and then I change the state of  "Study results" to "Completed" when drop target 1 stays in "drap over" state. Refer to the attached story.