trigger zoom in/out on a big slide

I have a big slide trying to show a really big diagram.  Font has to be pretty small to fit.

I'd like to create four zoom buttons -- one in each quadrant.  You can click a button, and it initiates a zoom to that quadrant.  Click again to zoom back out.

Ideas on how to implement?  I'd really prefer not to create duplicate slides, if possible... but I'm looking for options.  Thanks!

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Heather Steckley

There are about 30 clickable objects in each quadrant.  I need them to work whether they're viewing the big slide zoomed out or on each of the four zoomed in areas.  Hence saying I'd prefer not to create duplicate slides (or layers) since I'd have a ton of maintaining to do on objects and triggers.

This is a floor plan seating chart -- and folks move around a bit... so I wanted to see if there was a way to do this on the main slide.  Something like...

1. Four zoom buttons available that jump you to a different part of the timeline that includes that zoom.

2. I'd need a "pause" feature on the timeline to stop the slide from continuing on playing a different section and auto-zooming.

Is there a fancy way to jump to cue points on the timeline and then pause a certain point in the timeline?