Triggered icons working in preview mode but not when published

Hey community, I am working on a project for my company and I have several icons that trigger out to lightbox activity slides. Once those icons are clicked and the lightbox comes up, that icon should disappear and a new icon should appear and when the learner returns they can click that new icon to continue the slide audio. Everything works fine when I preview it out in Storyline itself, but when I publish to web and SCORM the second icon doesn't appear to come up like I intend it to. Any help would be appreciated.

It's a large project so I just separated the 4 total slides into a seperate Storyline file.



- Scott Sweeney - Instructional Designer, The Hershey Company

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Scott,

Thanks for reaching out here. When I opened that file it was blank. Just one slide with no content on it. 

Perhaps you shared the wrong one? Also you mentioned publishing it for web and LMS - did you upload it into those environments or were you testing the published output locally? The latter is known to cause odd behavior with files. 

Susi B

Hi Scott,

I looked into your storyline file and I think I found out what your problem is. The trigger didn´t work with your state change system. You can trigger it by "when user clicks on ...". Plus you don´t have to set a "hide" state by yourself for every object, its included in storyline for every new objekt. Just insert an element and have a look in the state dropdown menu. There you can set the state you want to start with.

I hope i explained it correctly so you understand what I mean. :) Have attached the working file (just changed trigger on the first slide, don´t know what should happen on the other ones).

Your lightbox slide stops when I click too early into a box, you maybe want to block that, so you can´t click on them before the audio finished. You can do that for example by covering the boxes with a hotspot (deleting the trigger so no mouse over hand appears) and let the hotspot end, when the audio finishes. Just insertet one for you to look what I mean. :)

I hope I could help you. You can contact me any time if youre not sure what I did. :)