Triggering a "Conclusion" button after all layers have been viewed

Hi all-

I have a tab interaction slide with 5 layers, each with audio.  I want to have the learner view all layers in the order they choose, then have a "conclusion" button display to take them to the final slide. 

I added triggers to change the state of each tab button to "visited" on the base layer once each layer's timeline has finished.  Then added slide triggers to change the state of the Conclusion button on each layer (initial state is hidden) to normal once all 5 buttons are in the visited state. 

The conclusion button is displaying at the end, but after a delay and sometimes only after I click on another button and back will they all come up.  I have Storyline 2.  Any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you!!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Lisa

the 'visited' state is a SL built in state which is triggered automatically when the user clicks a button/shape and doesn't need a to be included in a trigger. If you are using a trigger to activate it sometimes it can cause issues.  

i would recommend you duplicate the visited state on your buttons and rename it 'completed' - delete the visited state and then replace the 'visited' state in your triggers with 'completed'.

Order of triggers is also important - that could be another thing to check.

If that doesn't work - can you share your .story file - might be easier if someone can work with your file setup to offer a suggestion.

Lisa Hezel

Thanks so much.  I think that helped.  However, the Conclusion button is showing up, but only after a few second delay and after I click off of the layer I'm on and over to another layer.  I'm not sure I can attach my whole file, but I did attach a Word document with the triggers I'm using.  Any help would be appreciated!  Thank you.