Triggering a layer while dropping it onto the drop zone, stops this drag and drop function (Return item to start point if dropped outside a correct drop target)

Nov 30, 2017

I made a freeform drag and drop slide which has it's own feedback layers (correct and incorrect). When I drag an item and drop it onto an incorrect drop zone I have it so that it would just reset itself and go back to it's original place. When I drag an item and drop it onto a correct drop zone, the dragged item stays on the drop zone, and I lock it with a layer that contains a hotspot that covers the drop zone, so they can't pick it up anymore. This all worked fine until I strated using my layers to tell the user if they had the right answer or the wrong anser. If I trigger the (incorrect) layer, the dragged item does not reset to it's original place anymore, and  the (Return item to start point if dropped outside a correct drop target) somehow no longer works. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Christian,

Once you start adding additional triggers and behaviors to the drag and drop, that'll override the built in behavior such as changing the state, snapping a dropped item, or returning it back to it's starting point. Unfortunately if you need those things to also happen, you'll need to look at setting up a more custom drag and drop interaction instead of using the built in option of Storyline.

Eric Zenor

Hello Lauren,

Thank you! I set up a very similar slide to display per-item feedback based on the drop target, and that part of the process works great. I setup a unique layer for each correct/incorrect combination. The problem is that I want to return items to a start point if dropped outside a correct drop target. Your example demonstrates the same behavior I am trying to correct in that the drag items will not snap back despite whatever is selected in the drag & drop option settings. Based on Ashley's initial response, I believe using layers to display per-item feedback will prevent the DD from functioning as expected. Do you have an alternative?

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