Triggering a marker in more than one way

I am working on an image that shows a piece of equipment with several identical switches. 

I have added a marker to one of the switches that describes its function.  Rather than having several copies of the same marker, I would like the first maker to appear whenever the user hovers over / clicks on one of the other switches.  I have tried using hotspots to trigger the maker but this does not seem to work.


Does anyone have any suggestions?  

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Jerry Beaucaire

You won't use real markers to accomplish this since markers only open when hovered over directly and close when you move away.   You want something better, so you'll create the same effect simply using a LAYER and a spinning object icon.

  1. Create a layer and place your popup information on it in a text box, formatted to your liking, and clearly refer to all the switches in the base layer image.
    • On this image also set some hotspots around the edges of the window so you can trigger this layer to hide itself when the mouse moves out over any of these edges (this is an optional idea, you could also just put an "x" in the corner of the popup text box so the user can click to close)
  2. Back on the base layer, add a hotspot over all the switches and set the trigger to show the layer when the mouse hovers over any of the switches.
  3. Lastly, drop a spinning image on top near the switches to draw attention.   
    (I've attached one I use frequently)


Anyway, hopefully you get the idea.  Layers are a great way to get even cooler versions of those markers.

You can also get this same kind of effect using STATES on the image itself, that's a whole 'nother can of yummy worms.

Ian Prince

Thank you for your reply Jerry.  It is certainly a good option.  The only down side I can see is that there will be inconsistencies in the way my "real" markers behave compared to this "layer marker".  i.e makers normally show just a heading and then expand over time (about half a second)  when clicked.  It is this effect I am hoping to simulate.


Whilst I can use 2 layers (one heading, one expanded) I won't get quite the same effect as the the "layer marker" will instantly jump from heading to expanded rather than expanding over time .

Hope I've explained that OK. 

Your option is still a good one and I will used it unless you (or anyone) can think of a way to get over the issues I have described.

Thanks again 

Jerry Beaucaire

Since there are no triggers that can open and close a marker, having one marker for several switches will require that you do something visual to indicate to the user that the one marker is for all those various switches.   They will still have to put their mouse over the one actual marker for the popup activity to occur.

Top of my head:

  1. Use a hover trick on a shape to highlight all the switches together when the mouse gets in that area
  2. Add a HOVER state to the marker itself and put an extra box in there to point to all the switches.  (this is done in the pic below)

Something like that.