Triggering a new Menu item after other items have been clicked.


I have a menu that users are directed back to after completing a section.

They grey out once the user has visited that section.

My SME wants me to have a Knowledge Check menu option appear ONLY after all the other sections have been viewed.

I am not too sure how to do this...

I appreciate any advice :)

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Mike Enders

Hi Samantha,

I'm assuming you want the user to finish each section before they see the Knowledge check Menu Item.  So here's what I'd do:

1. Have the Knowledge Check Menu Option begin in the Hidden State

2. Add a True False Variable for each section of your course (section 01, section 02, etc.). I'd set them as "False". In my mind, I think, did the user finish the section yet?  True or False. 

3. At the end of each section you'll add a trigger to change that particular section's True False variable to True. So perhaps you add a trigger to the Next button on the last slide that says to change the variable to True. (make sure this is placed in order ABOVE the jump to main menu trigger).

4. Back on the main menu, you'll have a trigger that says, in essence, "Change the state of the Knowledge Check Menu Button to Normal when Section 01 TF variable is True AND Section 02 TF variable is equal to True, etc."

I hope this helps!


samantha smith


Hoping you can help...

I am trying to achieve this same functionality except this times with tabs.

The user clicks the tab options, which open a fly-out on the same slide.

I want to user to click all tab options and then once they have all been clicked I want a knowledge check button to appear.

Is this possible?

I am not getting the same results when I add the variable triggers to the slide layers as I did when I added them to new slides.

I really appreciate your help