Triggering a screenshot in Storyline

Aug 12, 2012

Hey all, quick questions for the Storyline whiz kids.

Is there any way you can set a trigger for taking a screenshot of the current screen in Storyline, and save out the image?

Let me further explain: I want the user to be able to arrange elements of a free form slide and be able to save the output in the form of a screenshot. Then, they can use that screenshot later for reference. 

Anyone have any thoughts on this? 

Thanks in advance!

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hey Guys,

Gerry, I used your suggestion and "brought it back" as a lightbox slide. Not sure if it's the way you had in mind.

  • Created 4 shapes on a freeform slide that needed to be placed on their "matching" target shapes; these (matching/target) have no fill and a dotted outline.
  • Set up "Drop Correct" for each matching target object; drop correct state shows a solid line (replacing the outline).So when they're dropped correctly, the dotted outline becomes solid.
  • Created trigger so

Action: Lightbox slide

Slide: the SAME slide (the one with the freeform on it)

When: State

On: All of

And then I checked the 4 matching/target objects in the drop-down list.

Are: DropCorrect

Worked like a charm. Can upload Story if y'all would like. It's VERY rudimentary

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Bailey and Gerry. Curious to know if you checked this out. Was it along the lines of what y'all were thinking? One "issue" with it is that the roof and chimney need to be carefully guided into position; I think this is because of the layering of the two objects.

I was thinking of making a Screenr about this if it answers a need. Also, though, if I do, I'd like to make it about something real, rather than my crude drawing. So, Bailey, I'm wondering how you were using this, that is, what the situation is.



Hi Rebecca,

I looked at it briefly the other day when you posted it up for us and yes, i did notice there was a slight 'issue' with the roof and chimney because of the layer but the whole idea is fantastic. I am in the process of writing up a storyboard for an induction piece so i have a couple ideas floating around in my head on how to use this but i will be happy to show you what i have created when its done.


El Burgaluva

Nice work, Rebecca

Is this the kind of functionality that you're after, Ryan?

There were a couple of glitches that I fixed with the triggers and the drag'n'drop didn't have the moon correctly defined which is why it mysteriously kept jumping back to start position.

I also added a slide so you can emulate "calling" it from any later point in the course.

And also a results slide so you can see that the score is recorded and you can "bring it back" via the lightbox.

Hope that helps,


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Bailey and Leslie,

Thank you both for responding. I DO appreciate it. Good to know I was on track. Bailey, I would love to hear how you're thinking of using it. Selfishly, because I may be able to use your idea! And in the spirit of community, because I can make a Screenr and share your idea and our work with others.

Leslie, thanks for your additions. Odd that you had trouble with the moon. I hadn't noticed it, so I pulled up my original, and the moon stays in place for me.

Love the additional slide you put in. One caveat: when I click Go Back to Start, the items are already in place. I tried to "fix" this by changing the slide's properties to Resume Initial State, but then closing the lightbox causes the pieces to go back to their initial state.

I have some ideas on how to work around this, but unfortunately can't spend the time now, esp. if it's not necessarily what you're looking for Bailey.

Thanks again to you both. Looking forward to hearing more about this!

Ryan Downs

That's a great solution, Rebecca!

To answer your question, Burgaluva, yeah I think this will give me the result I want.

I come from a development background (Flash, Actionscript, etc.) so I'm trying to see what Storyline is capable of in terms of functions such as connecting to other parts of the computer (i.e. printing, emailing, etc.). I guess the bigger topic I'm curious about is how much programming or coding with variables Storyline allows you to do, versus coming up with rather clever solutions

It seems that I can emulate whatever I need to do in Storyline. I'm wondering how much I can automate now.

Thank you everyone!

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