Triggering a state change via variable change when timeline starts

Hi there

I am trying to change the state of a button to a state called Completed via changing a true/false variable when the timeline of another slide starts.


At the end of the first scene of my Articulate 360 learning object, I have a menu. As users click the buttons on the menu, they permanently change state, so that users can keep track of what they've done.

I also allow users to use the Next button on the player to progress through content, but I want the buttons to change state once a user has reached the end of the related scene.

I have set up the initial variable Concept1 to false. I have added the slide trigger to the Concept 1 button as Change state of Concept 1 to Completed when Concept1 changes if Concept1 is not equal to False. (I have also tried this with just "When Concept1 changes").

I then went to the last slide in the scene and added the slide trigger

Set Concept1 equal to True when the Timeline Starts if Concept1 is equal to False.

To test whether this was happening, I added the variable reference to the page and the page before it %Concept1%

It changes when the timeline starts so that's all good - but when I go back to the page with the menu button, it remains in the Normal/Initial state.

I also have added the variable reference to the menu page. It changes, but the state of the button does not.

I have looked at the slide properties and tried "When revisiting, resume saved state" and "When revisiting, reset to initial state" and "When revisiting, Automatically decide". 

The variable changes, but the state doesn't

Yet, when I added a button with a trigger that said "Change variable Concept1 to True when user clicks" - the Concept 1 changes.  

So it's something to do with the timeline start on the other slide being the trigger - which makes no sense. If the variable changes, the state should change. 

What am I missing???





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Walt Hamilton

When a variable changes, it is an event that is known only on the slide that changes it. That means that the menu slide never hears Concept1 change. The knowledge of the contents of a variable are known to all slides, which is why the menu knows what the variable is, but not when it changes.

You will have to set that trigger to initiate on an action the the menu slide can observe. I usually set the menu slides to reset to initial  state because that always restarts the timeline, and then set the triggers like this to fire When timeline starts.

Kerry johnson

I have figured it out!!! 

So, I created the new State Completed on the button

Then created the Slide trigger on the last slide to Set <Variable> to True, when the timeline starts.

Then went back to the slide with the button and set the Slide Trigger Change state of <button> to Completed, when Timeline starts - Timeline object = <this slide> if <variable> = true. I was using the button as the object, not the slide for the Timeline start!