Triggering a warning slide layer on a custom multiple answer question

Sep 14, 2017

Hi folks,

I'm creating an automated case study for a client at the moment. One of the features that they have requested is for a warning screen to pop-up if the learner clicks the Submit or Next button without completing the activity. I know that Articulate Storyline's built-it quiz question templates do this, but the nature of this project has required me to make question screens without using any of the Storyline templates. 

At the moment, I'm stuck on one particular question. It's a multiple answer question where the learner can select more than one option to answer the question. I want the warning slide layer to appear if the learner doesn't select any of the options. I've used the following trigger:

Show layer oops when user clicks Submit
if Check Box 1 is equal to Normal 
AND if Check Box 2 is equal to Normal
AND if Check Box 3 is equal to Normal
And if Check Box 4 is equal to Normal ...

The trigger works as intended if none of the check boxes are selected. However, when I select the check boxes, the Oops slide layer still appears. I don't want it to appear at all if the learner has clicked any of the check boxes because they will have attempted the question.

I've tried reordering the trigger in the Triggers box, but it's current placement is the optimum one as it doesn't interfere with the other triggers. I've also tried changed AND to OR, and changing the condition to if Check Box # is not equal to Selected.

I'm probably missing something very obvious and will undoubtedly kick myself when I realise the solution. I think I need a fresh pair of eyes as I've been looking at this particular issue for the last hour or so!

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