Triggering "< PREV" button

I was Previewing the most recent project I've been working on when I discovered the "< PREV" button wasn't activating.  I realized there was no trigger in the slide for the "< PREV" button, so I added a trigger for it.  Once I did so, the "< PREV" button navigated to the prior slide.  That was all well and good.

But I began to think that I couldn't recall adding triggers for the "< PREV" button in projects I had developed before.  I checked the courseware in production and found that the "< PREV" button functioned as intended.  So I opened the project I had developed before and verified that I recalled correctly -- I had not added triggers for the "< PREV" button.  I had only added triggers for the "NEXT >" button.

Why does the "< PREV" button navigate to the prior slide when the user clicks it in the projects where I did not add triggers for the "< PREV" button?  I used the same template for all the projects.  What could be different about the most recent project that would make me have to explicitly add triggers for the "< PREV" button?

Update: OK, I think I figured this one out myself.  The  "< PREV" button works without an explicit trigger (assuming you have a trigger for the "NEXT >" button) if you add no other explicit triggers for the "< PREV" button to the slide.  But as soon as you add a trigger on the "< PREV" button somewhere else on that slide, the "< PREV" button will no longer take you to the prior slide 'til you add another explicit trigger for it.

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Sudhakar Reddy

Hello David, 

By default the previous button will take us last visited page which means if 10 slides are there in the course, you are navigating from 1 to 4th slide by using menu. At that time the when we click on previous button will take us to 1st slide only. To prevent this we need to add custom trigger.

Sorry if I create more confusion.