Hi! I have a base layer with 9 layers. What I want to do is have the Next button disabled until the user clicks through all the layers, so I'm trying to figure out the triggers I should use. I want the last layer to show AND I want the Next button to be enabled when the user clicks on the number 9 to trigger that layer. However, the Next button is not becoming enabled. What am I doing wrong?

BTW, it will enable if I click on the number 9 without clicking on any of the other numbers. Hmmm...

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Russell Killips

I have done this before. Here is an example for you to take a look at.

I created a variable and set it to false. When you click a button to launch the layer, I toggle the variable. I have a trigger that will check for the visited state of each button when that variable changes. If all buttons are visited the next button is enabled.