Triggers across multiple layers


I have added a trigger to my project requiring users to wait until audio content completes before the built-in next button is enabled to move on to the next slide. It works fine for slides with single layers but does not work for slides that have multiple layers. Can anyone provide some insight on what I need to do?


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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

Hey Jelani, I fixed the slide called "Form 700: What is it?" by adding a trigger to the base layer to disable the next button. I also added a trigger to the 2nd slide layer of that slide to enable the next button when that slide finishes. Tell me if this works for you. I also disabled menu restriction to test this out faster. So you'll just have to re-enable this when you're done.

Jelani Killings

Thank you, Daniel. That was helpful but the next button still takes about 10 seconds after audio stops before allowing the user to move to next slide (even longer on some of the other slides). Does the length of the base layer have anything to do with that?

Also, I am now seeing that my trigger on single layer slides is not working. I want to allow users to click the next button after a certain length of time has elapsed on the slide, so I included the condition but the next button is still not enabled until the slide completes.

Daniel Sposato (Philly)

The trigger I added to the slide layer is set to trigger when that timeline ends. So you just need to move the end of the timeline of that last slide layer to be where the audio ends.

An easier solution for your second issue would be to add a cue point on the timeline where you want the next button to be enabled. Then have your trigger set the next button to normal when the timeline reaches that cue point.