Triggers after swf completion

Help!  I have imported a swf of a guided software simulation.  The simulation is a try-it type and works fine if I have no triggers on the slide.  I want to be able to jump to the next slide when the swf is done.  I have attempted to use when the media completes and when the timeline ends and both of these settings the scene still advances prior to the swf video completing.  What am I doing wrong?

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Richard Hill

Hi Angela, Unfortunately swfs aren't of the media type that is supported by that trigger.  It's typically used for sound or video files.  In order to make your Swf jump to the next slide, you will have to edit the flash file to set and change a variable, add some  javascript and a trigger to your Storyline to look for that variable, and append some HTML functions within your published story.html file to pass the variable.   Sorry to say it's somewhat complex .