Triggers and conditions

Jan 02, 2015

I am working on a slide that takes the learners to four different resource sections. I want the icon for each section to change states to Visited (which includes a green check mark) when the learner returns to main menu. Once all four sections display the Visited State, then the continue arrow appears allowing the learner to continue to the Knowledge Check.  See attached screenshot.

I have set up a Visited Variable as false. I need to set up the Conditions/Trigger(s) for it to turn true.

I have set up a Continue Variable as false. I need to set up the Conditions/Trigger(s) for it to turn true and to appear.

I am hoping that someone can lead me in the right direction on how to get started.

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Gayla Keesee

How do I set up the state change for the four icons though? I had
initially envisioned the "Visited" state to change when the learner
returned to the menu page.

Can I simply have the state change to "Visited" when the learner clicks the
icon and goes to the resource? Would the "Visited" state remain when the
learner returns to the menu page?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Gayle

here is a sample file in SL1 (wasn't sure which version you are using).  It has four shapes on the opening slide that when clicked go to their own layer.  The continue button is hidden until all four shapes have been 'visited'.  I added a 'visited' state to each shape so you can see when the learner returns to the menu page, those visited are ticked.  You could use another colour or change your images to black and white - whatever you want to indicate they have been there already.

Shout out if you need more help

Gayla Keesee

I understand about editing/changing states. My dilemma is in restricting
the appearance of the NEXT button (initially disabled state) until the
learners had viewed all four sections--before going to the Knowledge Check.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Gayla,

Is this the built in next button, or a custom next/continue button? Are you using SL1 or SL2?

In SL2, you can use a trigger to hide the next button until all the shapes are visited. In SL1 you would need to follow the instructions here.

You could also share a file if you would like us to take a look.

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