triggers and layers help

Hello everyone, I have been trying to emulate this tutorial but I cannot. I tried to locate somehow to see if their website has a feedback box but I cannot see that either. So, at my wits end with this, I'm hoping that someone here can just smack me over the head and tell me what I am doing wrong.

Thanks for any pointers - if I can get this working then I can create a whole course of twelve weeks work in this format, using videos of lectures, sound files for listening practise and reading texts for IELTS/ACT test practise. Very useful for me and my other teachers.........

Thanks agin,

Richard Jones

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Daniel Brigham

Richard: Took a look at your file.

You need to add a button (or shape with a trigger) that closes each layer when the learner is done. The trigger would be HIDE THIS LAYER when user CLICKS THIS LAYER.

The layers are opening fine, but with no trigger to close it, you can't navigate between layers. Post back if you need more help. --Daniel

Richard Jones

Ok guys got it. It appears that I had too much info on the top timeline layers when it should only be in the base layer.

Thanks Daniel and a big smack on the head from Ronny.

Onwards and upwards.

All the best,


Articulate is still the most friendly work forum I am a part of, hopefully I can get up to speed on your products and Pay Forward, rather than backwards.

Ronny Salmeron

Richard - Yes, all navigation triggers (year buttons) should only be in your base layer. The layers should only carry the content you want to display. It appears as though you had inlcuded the navigation buttons in your layers which didn't have the same dispaly triggers as the base layer and was causing the content not to display in its correspondent layer.

Hope my fix was helpul - I'm glad your moving forward with your project - best of luck!