Triggers and Variables


I am a bit lost. Here is what I want to do:

The training goal is to make everybody understand that they have to untick all boxes in a certain report. In the example I attached I have 4 buttons.

1. Radio Button: This button should be activated if all boxes have their ticks removed. I will then use this button in combination with a result slide to see who removed all ticks and who didn't. (unless there is a more elegant way to do this)

2.-4. selection buttons: The first button should select or unselect the two buttons below. (no idea if that's possible)

Now, if the lower three buttons have no ticks, the Radio Button should be selected automatically and as soon as a tick is added again, deselected.

I tried it with triggers as you can see in the example but it doesn't work. I read about variables but frankly I just got confused. I couldn't find any tutorial that explains the functions and workings of variables anywhere.

Maybe I am just looking at it the wrong way all together. Any help or suggestion is welcome.

Cheers, Niels

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Annie Jean

Hi Niels,

Sorry for the delay... I wasn't looking much at my emails.

I have uploaded a file to show you how I would do it if I had to without using variables.

I have used custom checkboxes and a true/false question hidden behind the background (well, not on the example).

The order of the triggers are also very important since you want to change the true/false before submitting the question's answer.

This could also be achieved differently if you cannot hide the question behind a shape or a background.

If you need this solution also, just tell me.

Hope it helps and don't hesitate to post back if you need further information.