Triggers and Variables

Not sure if this is possible.

On my Intro slide I (scene 1) have 6 buttons (in hidden state).  

In scene 2 I have 4 slides with custom Next/Previous buttons. On the 4th slide I have a slide trigger that when the timeline ends on this slide, it adjusts a variable M1Complete from false to true. (initial state of variable is false).

On my intro slide on the button with a hidden state I have a slide trigger to change the state of button 1 to normal when the variable M1Complete is set to true.  

My logic is flawed as it is not working.  The idea of what I am trying to do is once the user has viewed the 4 slides, the intro slide will display a button that tells them scene 2 is complete.

Cheers Tee.

ps sorry this realised that this maybe on the wrong forum.

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Simon Perkins

Hi Christine

I've attached a demo that does something similar.  

There are 4 buttons, only the first of which is visible as this launches scene 1.  The other 3 are hidden.

Click the button ... click Next through the 4 slides.  The last one set Scene1Complete = True.  Click Next to return to menu.

Button 1 will now show as Completed (a custom state with a tick icon), and Button 2 will be Normal (as opposed to Hidden).

Does this help?