Triggers and Variables

Hello Forum!

I have been searching the site for help and I got this far!

I need help.

Ok.. I have the story file attached.

What I want it to do...

1. When all the "tabs" are clicked... IT DOESNT MATTER THE ORDER I want the assessment button to pop up..

I have it working just not the "it doesn't matter the order" part.

2. I want the big picture to appear if a button is not being hovered on.

Right now the user hovers over a button and the images switch out, but it doesn't  go back if the user is not hovering on the image.

Can someone help?

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Michael Hinze

Have a look at the attached and see if that works for you. I changed the slide trigger that shows the Asessment button, so it is shown when the state of all item buttons is visited. And I added one slide trigger that show the big pic, if none of the item buttons are in hover state. Hope that's what you wanted.