Jun 23, 2015

Hi All

I am hoping that someone can help me out here.  I am trying to design a course where the learner enters the course, clicks on language preference (English or French) and that takes him/her to a pdf document to read.  Once the document is read the final slide has a button on it that says "accept"........I have this thing working seamlessly until the user clicks the accept button.  I have added a "End Course" trigger to the button but when this ic clicked it loads, and asks the user if he/she would like to start where they left off.....I cannot seem to end the course.  Also, I have to make sure that when the user clicks the "Accept" button, this is recorded as Complete in our LMS.........I need help fast on this as I have to role out 52 of these things in the coming week.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Graham Gordon

Here is the story file.  It was way more complicated than it had to be as I needed to put in a quiz slide for each language and then return to another scene that was a results slide with a pass mark of 45% to ensure as long as they click on accept, they passed.  I could share the story but there are government water marks all over it so I would rather not.

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