trigger based on states of multiple selected objects


I've been going around in circles on this one. All my workarounds are not working!

I have 12 text objects in 2 lists. Users have to select 3 that are incorrect. When they click the state changes to Selected (text box the fill changes to yellow). So they can visibly click and unclick text. Then the user presses "Submit" button when they are ready.

Now when "submit" is pressed I want to test that only 3 objects are selected and send to Correct layer. Or other combinations are selected and it goes to the Incorrect layer.

I have been using the trigger "When State of All of" ... 3 objects... "is Selected". But found that other objects can also be selected. Plus the Incorrect layer kept firing first.

I've also tried to set a variable AnswerOn = true if all 3 are selected. That works. But the 2nd trigger, AnswerOn = false if any of the 3 are normal, does not work at all. Normal & Selected are the only states I have for the text boxes.

Please, please! Any solutions welcomed. This lesson is all done, except the conditional test and I've spent a few hours with no breakthroughs.

But I can't share my .story publicly. Or maybe I can share a censored one!

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Paul Tottle

Here is the file...

this is the version using the two variables:

AnswersOn (all 3 answers selected)

AnswersWrong (another option is selected)

so testing for AnswersOn + not AnswersWrong

but the AnswersOn variable stays true and never goes back to false

Any ideas appreciated :-) 

Paul Tottle

I've got that working 99%.

One problem: I'm using the 'Incorrect' layer to show the solution after 3 tries. Then I'm finding that layer locks up (maybe does a course completion). I'm wanting the user to be able to try again now they've seen the answer.

I've added a hotspot that hides the "Incorrect" layer.

Any ideas?