Triggers - Copy and Display the Text Entry on another slide

Apr 03, 2014

Hello community, I am a newbie Storyline user with the following question:

I have created a Personal Service Statement exercise for my learners that works well as an interactive PDF. Essentially I pose a question to the learner that requires a one word answer. At the end of the exercise, the result is a sentence that is displayed and is populated with all the screens containing the learners one word entries.

For example, one of the questions would be "I would want a child of mine to be: <please type in your one word response>

On the last page there are blank fields that retrieve and display the learners responses to make up the Personal Service Statement.

I have been looking in Triggers to see if this can be achieved, or if there is another way to display the learners input on another screen.

ACTION: Copy Text Entry

SLIDE: Next Slide

WHEN: User clicks

Object: Next

Thank you community,

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Jeff Simmons

Does anyone know a way to highlight and copy the reference of a text variable? I have students input notes into a journal of sorts, and I'd like to have them copy and paste their postings at the end of a series of scenarios, into an online discussion board. I'm collecting their postings into one reference page, but seem unable to select and copy the output. Thanks for any help!

Jeff Simmons

Thank you Ashley! Wonderful set of resources. Once I stopped playing with result fields, I realized that the Text Data Entry itself field maintains everything the students wrote. I simply assigned a button to reveal each Data Entry field, where the student could select text, copy and paste it into their online forums. Works like a charm.

I also found a wonderful resource for compiling text from all student text entries into one output form students can print and (at least in Chrome), offers a print preview with selectable/copyable text.

Thanks again,


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