Triggers do not work properly when I publish


I am having some problems with my triggers when I publish some of my modules.

All the triggers seems to be alright and then it goes to a random slide instead of the one I selected. This happen on two of my courses and no matter what I change the error is always the same. I have even tried publishing from a different computer and still it will not work. I publish my presentations to my desktop and have the files on my desktop as well as I remember that with Studio 09 I had problems when publishing if my presentations where not saved on the local disk.

One of the errors is as follow. I have a small quiz where they should click the "submit" button to move on to the results slide. See the screenshot with my triggers below. Instead of going to that results slide it goes several slides up to one with a video and it is not linked to it at all!

The error on the other course is slightly different. There are three slides through the course which I want to act in the same way, I want them to move automatically to the next slide when the timeline ends. Two of them do it and the third doesn't, it waits for you to click the next button. Then I thought I could change them all to move to the next slide with the next button but then the first too keps moving automatically.

Can anyone help me? What can be causing these seemingly random problems? I really need to get this published and working asap!

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Alba Pérez

I just checked to make sure and there is no timeline start trigger in the results slide which could be causing the problem.

As you suggested here is a screen shot of the problematic slide selected in storyview and below is one of the results slide selected.

Also, this course is a language version of my original English which works perfectly well and has exactly the same settings... just for some reason the two language versions we have done so far come up with this same problem.

Alba Pérez

I have found a solution for my problem after all. It is probably not the most elegant but it works.

The slide I had trouble with (1.24) kept trying to go to the next slide (1.25) no matter what the trigger said so I had the idea of simply moving it around so the slide number would change.

Now my 1.24 is called 1.25 and it goes where I want which is slide 1.26.

This stil doesn't explain why my triggers wouldn't work but at least I can publish my course.

Thank you for your help Phil. Your question about making a screen shot of the storyline view is what made me notice the discrepancy on the slide numbers and eventually find a solution.