Triggers for a custom question retry aren't working as expected

Hello. Can I request a bit of help? I've attached the file to help illustrate what I'm stuck on. I've created a question to test knowledge, the learner should get (if they get it wrong) a retry layer on their first attempt, and an incorrect on their second, preventing further tries. If they get it right on attempt 1 or 2 then the correct layer should show.

I think the triggers are right but I keep getting the retry layer showing no matter what. What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks.

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Walt Hamilton

You cannot mix OR and AND in conditions. For one thing, the way SL is set up, it doesn't know where to group the AND's  and OR's. Should this be interpreted to mean  (Q1OR Q2 OR Q3) AND (attempts), or does it mean (Q1 OR Q2) OR (Q3 AND Attempts)? So the Retry layer always shows. Even if one of the other layers shows, when it parses the last trigger, it shows the Retry layer, which happens so fast the other layer isn't rendered, so you don't see it.

Solution: While I admire your work ethic and creativity, if you delete the triggers and make this a quiz slide (I think a Pick Many would work nicely), all of this is taken care of using built-in functions. Just set the number of attempts to 2.