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Daniel Servan

In that case, you need to register the sequence of questions drawn from the question pool.
Let say
Q1 = 10 // Quiz Slide 10
Q2 = 99 // Quiz Slide 99
Q3 = 56 // Quiz Slide 56
Q10 = 3 // Quiz Slide 3

Then when you retake the quiz with the one they got wrong, check what is the value of Q1, Q2, Q3 and so on.


Steve Bunce


What do you mean by registering the sequence?

Are you suggesting, in a randomized situation, that this retry button will pull only the exact questions that were asked on the first attempt? 

That sounds like what we are looking for, but are a little lost as to how you are doing this. Thank you for your help!


Dave Becksvoort

Daniel, thank you for the response.  I'm working on Steve's team with this project.  Are you saying we need to create the set of questions BEFORE the quiz, so the quiz itself is not actually randomizing questions from a pool?  Or can we set variables for each of the questions asked so these are the only ones asked upon retry?  I'm sorry if I'm missing something obvious, but I'm still not understanding how to do this...it's the word "register" that I'm perhaps over-thinking.  To summarize our needs:

1) Each learner gets a random set of questions from a larger pool each time they launch the course - (Already have this)

2) The "Retry" button needs to pull the same questions the learner encountered the first time - (This is what we're hoping you have a solution for)

3) Upon retrying, they are only asked the question(s) they got wrong - (We believe we can do this with the information Ashley linked to)

Thanks for chiming in on this. We feel like, with your help, we're really close to a solution.

Daniel Servan

Hi Dave,

The questions are still drawn from the Question Pool with a random set of questions.

My idea goes like this.

Total Questions from Pool: 10
Total Questions to be drawn: 5

Variables:  QuizCtr, isReview, Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, isQ1Correct, isQ2Correct, isQ3Correct, isQ4Correct, isQ5Correct etc...

On start Quiz:
Add 1 to QuizCtr on every Quiz on start when isReview = False
let say Question 1 is: Question 9
      Set Q1 = 9 // if QuizCtr =1
let say Question 2 is: Question 6
     Set Q2 = 6 // if QuizCtr =2
let say Question 5 is: Question 2
     Set Q5 = 2 // if QuizCtr =5

On every Correct / Incorrect Feedback, you need to set isQ1.....Q5Correct = True/False;

On Review:

Load Q1, On Start, isQ1Correct = True, Load Q2
This time, since Q1 is 9, then Load Slide 9 from the Question Pool but if Q1 is correct, Automatically load Q2 and to the same process.

There's a lot of triggers but it is possible.

Hope this helps.

I have done a few steps on the Story file and if you want I can share it here.

Dave Becksvoort

Thanks Daniel, that was very helpful!  I want to make sure I'm clear on one thing: it's the "Retry" or "Retest" function that we're concerned with...for "review" we're okay with out-of-the-box functionality of viewing all the encountered questions, but we want learners to be able to re-attempt the test in such a way that they only need to re-answer the ones they got wrong.

Perhaps this is what you meant, but you said "review" and I wanted to make sure. :)

And if you would be willing to share that .story file here, I'm sure that would be very helpful to us as well!

Again, thank you so much!

Daniel Servan

Hi Dave,

I found a problem loading the questions from a Question bank because you can't load a single question except loading the entire Question bank. Therefore, there is no way to load the questions they got wrong for a retake.

Ashley's link may not be possible using Question bank with a random setting.

You can't just load the NEXT SLIDE if the questions are randomly drawn.

In the first place, I thought I can load a specific Question from a Question Bank.

How about making a set of Question Bank with the same content but in a random arrangement but not randomly drawn and choose which Question bank to load during the first attempt.

Let say you have 5 sets of randomly arranged questions in 5 Question Banks.