Triggers - how to show a layer when the learner clicks on another layer

Mar 01, 2016


I have been trying to work out how to show a layer in a slide when the learner clicks on another layer. Assume this would be through triggers. But I am struggling with working this out.

I have attached the slide, as I thought that would be the easiest to demonstrate. So I want the learner to see Text Box 6 when they click anywhere in Rectangle 2 etc....

Text box 6 - click on Rectangle 2

Text box 7 - click on Rectangle 3

Text Box 8 - click on Rectangle 4

Text box 9 - click on rectangle 5

Text box 10 - click on rectangle 6

Could anyone give me some direction on this?

Many thanks, Louise

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Louise

instead of using layers, I would recommend you:

  1. Add a selected state to all the rectangles
  2. Set the initial state of all text boxes to hidden using the states tab (see above image)
  3. Create triggers for each text box  eg: change the state of the text box 6 to normal  when the state of rectangle 2 is selected...repeat for all text boxes.

Hope that helps


Louise Kenyon

Hi guys

thanks for your help - I just had a couple more questions on the same slide if anyone can help me with that.......

1. I have added a new text box 'Rectangle 7' - I want this to appear - only when the learner has clicked on all the other rectangles - 2,3,4,5 & 6

2. I don't want the learner to be allowed to click on NEXT (to go to next slide) unless they have clicked on all of the boxes

Attached is the file.

Thanks in advance, Louise

Wendy Farmer

Hi Louise

I have changed the initial state of the Next button to disabled using a trigger when timeline starts.

I have changed the initial state of Rect 7 to be hidden and made it display using a trigger when state of all Rec 2 - 6 are visited.

I have enabled the next button to be normal when state of Rect 7 is normal.

Hope that helps

Louise Kenyon



Hey Wendy

I thought it was easier just to add to the same thread. I am almost ready to publish my course for a few key people to review. But there are 2 things I am struggling with.

1. Can I add a progress bar throughout the course or even just a page numbering showing completion such as Page 10 of 50?

2. On the home page I would love for the colour of each scene to change to green when the learner has completed each scene?

3. I have created a scene for resources, and tried to link this scene to the first 3 slides of my course to check that this was working OK, but it doesn't appear to be. Am I doing this correct - or is there a simpler way to link the 'resources' tab in the top right hand corner to the scene with the link to resources?

Thanks again for your help - much appreciated. I have attached the full story file.

Thanks, Louise


Christie Pollick

Hi, Louise -- Thanks so much for reaching out once more!

#1 - Regarding some ideas for progress bars, you may want to see the following:

#2 - For working with theme colors, please see here

#3 - Please see this information on How to Link to a Resource in the Course Player.

Hope that information helps, and if your file is too large, you may want to consider paring it down to a few slides that illustrate your areas of concern, and then share the abbreviated version. :)

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