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Jun 29, 2017

Hi there

In attached screenshot you see that I have the base and two add layers. I now would like that Layer "Unlogische Interaktion" only pops up when the learner clicks the "X-Symbol/Marker" that lays on layer "Eklärung Ressourcen". How and where do I have to set this trigger? 

I had assumed, to have to go onto layer "Unlogische Inter." and set there the trigger "Show Layer Unlogische Interaktion, when the user clicks Marker". Yet I don't have object "Marker" to select on that layer. 

Hope that I'm being clear and thanks in advance


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Roland 

if I'm understanding

Base layer has a hotspot when clicked goes to 'Eklarung Ressourcen' layer.  

The X symbol or marker on 'Eklarung Ressourcen' layer would then 'hide this layer' and show layer Unlogische Interaktion.

Set triggers on  'Eklarung Ressourcen' layer

  • Hide layer this layer when user clicks X symbol
  • Show layer Unlogische Interaktion when user clicks X symbol

If that doesn't work how you want you can share the .story file and someone can help you.

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