triggers in layers keep coming back

Mar 05, 2015

I have a full course of 20 "pick many" question slides. On all the correct, incorrect feedback layers there was automatically a "jump to next slide when user clicks next button" and a " hide this layer when timeline ends". I removed them as they are not what I want at all. Problem is, Storyline randomly puts them all back in every time I re open the course. Are there any Bodge jobs you can suggest or do I just keep deleting them everytime I have to work on this project? 

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sam skillington

Ok. So it's happening again and on a different project now. Leslie, I have searched for the email you said you sent and cannot for the life of me find it anywhere, even in the spam folders. My email is Just to reiterate, this is a gigantic pain for me to have to fix the entire course everytime I simply open it. HELP!


sam skillington

Ok I take that back. so I followed the advice given in the email which is basically importing a fixed version into a new storyline file. It seems to have fixed the unwanted additional triggers in layers problem, but has now resized and re-aligned text and text entry asssets on all of my multiple choice questions.

This software is going to kill me one day, the amount of clients I have held up due to this second rate software is embarrassing. I cannot wait to be able to buy Adobe captive 8. Is there ANYTHING you can suggest? or do I just keep fixing the many problems that occur everytime I open the file?

(ps. The hostile tone is not towards you Leslie, I feel for you I really do )



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sam!

Be sure that when creating, editing, and publishing Articulate Storyline courses, be sure you're working on your local hard drive (typically your C: drive). Working on a network drive or a USB drive can cause erratic behavior, such as file corruption, an inability to save changes, and loss of resources. 

Did your two projects have different story sizes?

If you need our team to take a look at your file, you are welcome to reply back to your support case as well.

sam skillington

I get told to save on my local hard drive for every single problem with storyline so Yes, I am doing that.  My projects are both the same sizes.I haven't had one problem fixed by the support team to date so I think I'll just leave it and bodge it myself and hope the client isn't too upset by the delay. Thanks.

Chris Cole

Hi Sam -

I know this is the last thing anyone wants to hear when they are going through the frustration of erratic software behavior like you are having to deal with, but... we've been using SL day in / day out since Beta days and haven't seen that type of behavior you are describing, and I think that must be true for most others as well, or there would be no Articulate customer base left.

So I think it must be something unique in your setup? Operating system? Network? Other software on your system? If you could you possibly do a Free Trial install on an isolated laptop and copy your files over to that and see if the erratic behavior continues, then you might be able to determine if it is environment-related.

We used to go through this type of thing every single day back in the old days when we were a Toolbook shop, so I know exactly the hair-pulling frustration you  are feeling. If you can isolate some variables by doing an install on an isolated clean machine, you might be able to narrow down the cause and (hopefully) find a simple solution that eliminates the issue.

Hope this helps.


sam skillington

I appreciate the sentiment and effort to reply Chris. I have used storyline daily for nearly 3 years and I have no doubt there may be issues specific to my system ( even though it would be pretty much the only software that seems to be affected). The reason I am sounding like a winging arse is because this is by no means an isolated issue. Over the years I have had so many problems (as well as the 3 other staff on separate un-networked computers) with storyline and to date have never had any really explained properly or fixed. At best you get a "work around" solution (bodge) and even they usually present more problems than they fix.

The bottom line is when you fork out as much as you do for storyline, you expect it to do what it says on the tin. And it just doesn't deliver. Overall I have spent many many man hours fixing problems that companies like Adobe just WOULD NOT have. Adobe wouldn't release software that was as buggy as storyline is, they would lose to much kudos and custom. When finances allow it I am getting the team to update to Creative 8. Winge over. And like I say thanks for the reply Chris, best of luck with Storyline ;) 




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