Triggers in Storyline 360


I have a quiz game (Wheel of fortune).

I have 3 set (categories) of questions. And 3 buttons that direct them to each category.
I added a trigger to stop the game once the learner earns 12 points. It works perfectly. (Once they achieve 12 points, they move automatically to the result sheet).

Now, I am trying to add another trigger.

I want my learners to be able to continue playing after accumulating the 12 points. Is it possible? I created a button and linked it to a separate slide but it is not working.


Thank you in Advance,


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Elisa,

One option you could try is to have your original trigger set to open a new layer when the score reaches 12 instead of jumping to the Results slide. On this new layer you have two buttons, "Keep Playing" and "Continue". The Continue button sends the user to the Results slide and the Keep Playing button returns the user to the game. Alternatively, instead of a new layer, by using state changes you could simply reveal the two buttons on the base layer when the score reaches 12.

If returning to the game, you could reset the variable so that the user has to reach 12 again before proceeding. You could always add another variable that increments by one every time the Keep Playing button is clicked, so that you can keep track of how many times the user plays the game.