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Eric Gale


Here it is... also, send some thoughts on the NaN trap.

It's not complete and I am trying to build a Statistics learning module.

The learner will have to go through a pile of these in each module.

For this reason, I have a feeling this will be extremely difficult to implement. 

When I hide the menu from the slide properties of the interactive slide most of the additional triggers disappear.


michele oksa

I hid the 3rd slide from the menu by choosing  Menu from the Player settings, selecting the slide, and  clicking the red "X" at the bottom.

and it seemed to run fine. I see the warning if I type a letter vs number, an incorrect layer if I choose the wrong answer, and correct if I type 5.5.  Upon a correct entry I am put on that 3rd slide to continue.  

Is that the functionality you were looking for?