Triggers not responding


I am trying to put together a module of 25 chapters. I am using the next and previous button to move between the chapters. By using the trigger wizards , I have assigned  the action the slide should move to when the user clicks the previous and the next buttons. While I am able to manage the flow of most of the chapters. I see around 5 chapters don't follow the triggers. I have double checked the sequence under "Menu" in the player. It looks perfect. However on previewing the entire project the 5 chapters I mentioned above do not flow as per the assigned trigger. How can I fix this. It's kind of urgent. Please help.

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Noel Read

Hi, I would open a new story and import our original story into it and then see how it performs. if this doesn't help then you might want to contact support and upload to their private area so they can check it for you. If the info is not of a sensitive nature then upload it here and I'll take a look for you.