Triggers not working after upgrade

Hello, I upgraded to the new version on 11/20/19 and ever since have had issues with a trigger not working properly. I have one trigger that is supposed to show a layer when you press the F2 key after clicking on a text entry field on the Base Layer. The trigger seems to "fire" because I briefly see the layer but then it is as if the layer is immediately hiding. There is no trigger to hide the layer at all.

Anyone else running into something like this?

Thank you,



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Susi R

Hello! I'm wondering about this? I'm trying to implement accessibility, which requires keyboard only navigation, and thanks to the latest update, the key press trigger requires that the user click on something. This seems like backwards functionality and breaks my accessible lesson. Have either of you found a workaround? It's even recommended to add this trigger in the Articulate blog article from a while ago - and now that doesn't work...

Pamela Roeper


I have had various issues with triggers for layers since my last update to Storyline 360. Sometimes they seem to only be glitchy once published but now I see it when building. I have attached one slide where I have created cue points that should trigger the layers to show at those points. But nothing shows. I have it stripped down to just a handful of assets, a video clip, some audio, and the layers. Not sure if this is similar to others issue, but this was the closest thread I could find to my problem. Hope there is a solution. 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Pamela!

I appreciate you taking the time to add the .story file! After digging into the file, I can see that the objects on each layer are not at or near the beginning of the timeline. The timeline on the layers isn't long enough to display objects at 7sec. 

I've walked you through my testing in this short tutorial!