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Walt Hamilton

Generally, when SL places a trigger, it does so in dependence on the object it is attached to in the trigger wizard. If you attach the action to an object on the layer, it should show on the layer. Be sure you use an action that can take place on the layer, and an object that is on the layer. Remember that the trigger wizard shows objects on both the layers, and the base.

If that isn't your problem, if you will attach your .story file here, someone may be able to suggest an answer.

cindy lucas

No, all I'm doing is working on the navigation. on the layer i'm placing the next and previous triggers. but when i add a trigger, next or previous to the slide layer, it places the trigger on the main slide. and for some reason there is a trigger to go to the next slide on one of the layers but it won't progress. i have no idea what's going on. I wonder if it's my software.